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Welcome to Rowville Family Osteopathy

At Rowville Family Osteopathy, we are dedicated to getting the best possible outcomes for all our patients, whatever age they are, and pride ourselves on having healthy and pain free, satisfied clients.

We specialise in finding the root causes of our patients' problems and why their body isn't healing, by taking a detailed history and then assessing using our highly sensitive hands and special osteopathic tests. 

We then develop a treatment plan specific to each patients individual needs, focused on treating the primary causes of the problems and improve their health. This is all done with the primary aim to fix their problems properly and not getting them coming back regularly by just relieving their symptoms. As such, we strongly believe that the manual treatment and exercises we offer will be of help to you in getting you on the path to being pain free and healthy.

Our practitioners do not believe in limiting themselves to one specific way of treating using just a few specific hands on techniques. In fact our Osteopaths currently have over a dozen different hands on treatment methods at their disposal, allowing them to help their patients in many different ways and offer their expertise in helping find the right techniques that are right for each individual. 

They also spend a lot of time improving on and learning new assessment and treatment skills, by doing regular training seminars and courses. Combine this will our assessment and prescriptive skills for exercise and core stability rehabilitation, this allows us to help a broad range of people suffering with an even broad range of pain and dysfunction problems.

We are proud of the service that we provide to the local Rowville & Lysterfield community as well as the surrounding suburbs of Knoxfield, Mulgrave, Endeavour Hills and Dandenong. We treat each individual patient with compassion and respect, like we would like our only family members to be treated. We are committed to our patients health goals, and will assist whenever and however we can. We will work hard with you to correct your health problems so that you will be both satisfied and in overall better health. 

We are also proud of our ability to treat people of whatever age, including our free clinic for babies and young children that we offer every 3 weeks. As situated on Wellington Road and close to the Monash & Eastlink freeways, we often get patients coming from the Dandenong Hills such as Belgrave and outer south eastern suburbs such as Narre Warren and Berwick.

New patients are most welcome. Please contact our reception on 03 9780 8980 to arrange your appointment and one of our friendly receptionists will be pleased to assist you.


Helping sufferers of pain & dysfunction
regain their lives again
through treating cause & improving health

"For last year’s words belong to last year’s language; and next year’s words await
another voice"
- T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets