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23 January 2023

We are excited to let you know that Justin will be working full-time at Osteopathy Connections in Frankston from now on, working Mondays to Fridays. Osteopathy Connections has a specific focus on treating pediatric patients with over 50% of the patients being under 8 years old. They also treat a lot of family members of all ages and Justin is excited to be helping such patients with the passion, knowledge and skills he has developed in these areas. It is easy to get to for most of Justin's old Rowville patients being just after the first set of lights at the end of Eastlink/Frankston Fwy on the same road.

To make an appointment at Osteopathy Connections, you can book online at or by calling (03) 9783 9041. The website for Osteopathy Connections is:

As Justin will be working at Osteopathy Connections full-time, he will no be working at both Atrium Osteopathy in Ringwood and Central Osteopathy in Cranbourne.

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