Effective 7 October 2020

With the way many things are currently, I feel that I am unable to continue to run Rowville Family Osteopathy.  So I regret to inform that I have made the decision to close the clinic and cannot see any more clients at Rowville Family Osteopathy.  

Telehealth Still Available


We would like to help still where we can, and will continue to do telehealth appointments for anyone that wishes with myself or Ema. If you would like to make a telehealth appointment or want to call for help with anything else, please call me on 0407 266 300 and we'll see what we can do for you.

What Next?

I will be scaling down the business so I can continue to help clients in a way that I can.  I’m in the process of finding another place to work from and will update the website once I know.  I will also send an email out to everyone on our emailing list once I know what's going on to invite you to see me at the new clinic.  So if you would like to get an email notification and are not currently on our mailing list, please fill out the Contact Form saying you would like to join our emailing list and we will add you.​

Thank you everyone for their support over the last 10 years at Wellness on Wellington.


Justin Tate

Suite 8, Wellness on Wellington

1101 Wellington Rd, Rowville, Victoria 3178

Tel: 03 9780 8980    Fax: 03 9780 8981

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