About Us

Our Vision 

  • To have a world full of happy, healthy and pain-free people.​


Our Purpose

  • A results-based family orientated clinic, based on the osteopathic philosophy of treating the cause and improving health, aimed at helping people of all ages throughout our local community live happier, healthier and pain-free lives.​


Our Philosophy

  • Treatment aimed at finding and treating the true cause of your problems by focusing on improving both the structure and function of your body's structural framework, not just relieving it.


  • Focus on working with your body's own inbuilt compensating and healing abilities, helping to reduce or avoid the need for drugs and surgery.

  • Employ a whole person approach to treatment, not just treating where your pain is.


  • Focus on finding, correcting and preventing the roots of your problems, not just relieving the symptoms. Therefore helping to avoid the need to continually come in for maintenance treatment.


  • A teamwork approach where we work with you, to put your health back into your own hands instead of being dependant on ours. This may involve exercises and postural advice.


  • Using the whole toolbox approach with a large range of hands-on techniques used. This may include massage, Cranial Osteopathy, gentle Osteopathic skeletal adjustments and myofascial dry needling.


  • Focus on providing safe and effective treatment for people of all ages and stages of life, from pregnancy and infants to sport and the elderly.


  • Manipulations not performed on babies, young children or the elderly.

  • Focus on you as an individual rather than the problems, with treatment customised to your individual case, health problems and preferences.

Suite 8, Wellness on Wellington

1101 Wellington Rd, Rowville, Victoria 3178

Tel: 03 9780 8980    Fax: 03 9780 8981

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