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Clinic Policies, Terms & Conditions



Updated: 18th September 2018


Our goal is to deliver an exceptionally friendly and prompt, professional service providing you with the best in Osteopathic health care.  Our experience tells us that there are some key areas we need to focus on to ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from our services.



Remember that healing and recovery take time and not everyone heals at the same rate.  If at any time during your care, you do not feel that you are responding as well as expected we would ask that you discuss this with your Osteopathic practitioner.  We want you to get the most from your health care at Rowville Family Osteopathy.


Excellence In Osteopathy

In order to continue to provide the best, most up to date Osteopathic health care available we travel periodically to conferences and seminars.  To keep your progress on schedule we will attempt to give you appointments around those times or provide another highly qualified Osteopathic practitioner to continue your care.  We also believe in the philosophy that many heads are better than one.  So from time to time, your health practitioner may be called upon for a second opinion of another practitioner for a short while.  We hope for your understanding and patience at such times.


Toilet Facilities

Toilet facilities are located in the hallway before entering into our suite.  The disabled toilets are a shared public toilet for both males & females.  A baby changed table is also located there for your convenience.


Clothing Policy

The main method of diagnosis and treatment during the consultations is through the use of our hands.  At times you may be expected to remove certain articles of clothing to allow for a detailed musculoskeletal assessment.  Please let your health care practitioner know if you are uncomfortable with this for any reason.  Gowns can be provided that open at the back when necessary and we are happy to treat with your clothes on if required.



Patients are entitled to bring a chaperone to attend during their appointments if you wish to do so.



The referral of your family and friends is much appreciated as it assists in their own wellbeing and plays a vital role in the success of our business.  With our referral program, we provide gift vouchers for you to give to your family, friends or work colleagues that entitles them to 50% off their first visit.  Please ask our receptionists or our practitioner if you need more gift vouchers to give away.  The best compliments we can get are referrals of your loved ones. 


Your Appointment

To get the most out of your time with your health practitioner, your appointments are set aside for you one on one.  Unlike some practitioners, we do not double book with clients in multiple rooms, leaving the room to attend to other clients while you are still there.  Please be on time for your appointments, as if you are late, this time cannot be makeup as it compromises the practitioner’s schedule and has a domino effect on the remaining scheduled clients.


Appointment Confirmations

It is our policy to send SMS and email confirmations to all our clients who provide such information to us the day before your appointment as a service for you.  If you do not which to get SMS or email confirmations, please let us know.  Please do not rely on these as reminders to know when your next appointment is coming up as technology is not always reliable and sometimes the confirmations are not received.  Missing an appointment as you did not get a confirmation is not a valid reason.


Appointment Scheduling/Missed Appointments

Your Osteopathic practitioner has decided on the best plan for your injury and it will heal best when you keep to this schedule.  Therefore, to receive the most out of your health care and to save time we ask that you schedule your appointments in advance.  Missed appointments will set you back in your recovery, so we ask that wherever possible you keep all your appointments.  If an appointment must be changed, 24 hours notice is required.  All missed appointments or cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment must be made up by someone else, or by coming within 24 hours if possible, to avoid a cancellation fee at full standard appointment rate.  This fee is not covered by health funds or compensable bodies and must be paid by the patient.  People who repeatedly miss or reschedule appointments will regretfully be discharged from care as we realise you will not reach your health goals and we do not wish to waste your time and others.


Paying for Appointments

As we are a fee for service industry, fees for private patients are due at the time of service.  An EFTPOS facility is available at the front desk for credit cards and bank card payments but we don’t accept AmEx & Diner’s cards.  A HICAPS facility is also available at front desk for automatic claiming through your private health fund.  From time to time we cannot claim your health fund rebate, and in this case, you are still required to make your payment in full.  Medicare payments are required in full at the time of service and when requested can be submitting electronically to Medicare on your behalf.  TAC and WorkSafe accounts can be sent directly to the appropriate body once treatment has been approved but a gap payment is required at the time of the service.  When requested, we can provide you with a tax receipt for you to claim directly from your health fund or appropriate body.

If you pay by cheque and it is returned from the bank, this will be treated as non-payment and an account will be created as below.  In this case, a returned cheque fee is normally charged by the bank to us and this cost will be added to your account for payment.


Financial Arrangements

In cases where payment cannot be made on the day for whatever reason:

  • An account fee of $8 is chargeable on all accounts not paid within 24 hours.

  • All accounts not paid within 14 days, a late payment fee of a minimum of $10 up to a maximum of 1.5% will be charged to cover administration costs.

  • If after another 14 days payment is not met, the invoice can be passed onto debt collectors with the full costs from the debt collectors being added to your invoice for collection.


Treatment of Minors

Legally speaking in Australia, a minor is someone under the age of 18 years old.  They usually require a parent or guardian with them at all times during treatments and therefore they cannot be left to attend for treatment by themselves.  However, some teenagers above 14 years old and most above 16 years old may be considered mature enough to make their own decisions medically and therefore be able to attend on their own.  In such cases, the decision as to whether a minor can attend on their own must be made with the consultation of your Osteopath before doing so.  Complete details on the treatment of minors are available as a flyer from reception so please ask if you would like a copy.


Feedback Welcome

As principal of this practice, Justin is happy to hear any suggestions or discuss any concerns you have with regard to our service.  If you wish to provide your feedback in writing or anonymously, please email him directly at or post to him at 8/1101 Wellington Rd, ROWVILLE VIC 3178.​

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