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Is Knee Pain Holding You Back?

Pain in the front knee is one of the most common sports injury seen in sports osteopath clinics and one which we see on a regular basis.

There are many different types of knee pain, however the most common presentation we see in our clinic is what is known as Patellofemoral Syndrome. This is a term to describe pain in and around the knee cap, a pain which is often difficult to locate and hard to describe. But what leads to Patellofemoral Syndrome and what can you do to help combat this potentially debilitating injury? Due to the complex nature of this condition, it is important to recognise that everyone is a little different and may develop this pain for a number of varying reasons. Such reasons may include:

  • Hips which are rotated inwards

  • A knee cap which sits toward the outside of your knee

  • Lower limb muscle tightness

  • Feet which roll inwards (pronate)

  • Poor muscle function or weakness

However, in the majority of cases it is not just one of these factors that will lead to your pain, but a combination of 2 or more, all of which occur for different reasons. As such, the most important step you can take to help resolve this condition, and return to pain free activities, is to take close notice of how your pain behaves so you can give your osteopath accurate information that will assist them to determine the underlying cause of your condition, and resolve it as soon as possible. Important aspects for you to note are:

  • The specific location of your pain (although this is often difficult)

  • What activities make your pain worse

  • A thorough history of when your pain started

  • Are you experiencing any clicking in, or giving way of your knee

  • Have you experienced any knee swelling

  • Inform your therapist of any previous injuries you have suffered

The more accurate the information you are able to provide your therapist, the easier it is to determine the precise cause of your condition and correct any abnormalities, giving you the quickest and most long lasting outcome possible. If knee pain is preventing you from performing the activities you enjoy, or if you believe the way your body moves may be placing you at risk of developing knee pain in the future, please call our clinic for an appointment with one of our experienced therapists today.

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