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Introducing Dr Tracy Nguyen Osteopath

In February, we welcomed

Dr Tracy Nguyen to the clinic.

Tracy graduated from Victoria University in 2011 and is a member of Osteopathy Australia. Tracy’s enthusiasm for osteopathy stems from its holistic approach to treatment and the way it addresses all areas of the body to create balance and alleviate discomfort.

From starting sports at a young age, she has a special interest in sports injuries and management and understands the toll that sports can take on your body. She has had a number of years’ experience working with local football clubs and children in netball clubs. She has also completed further training in taping and is qualified in dry needling. She utilises these to complement her treatment in acute episodes, sporting injuries as well as postural rehabilitation.

Tracy enjoys treating a wide diversity of patients and range of conditions. She uses a broad range of Osteopathic treatment techniques that are individually tailored for each patient. Tracy will regularly provide her patients with sound advice whether it is regarding lifestyle factors, nutrition, ergonomics or rehabilitation exercises that her patients can implement at home and at work.

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