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Introducing Dr Ema Stancic Osteopath

We welcome Dr Ema Stancic to the team in January.

Ema graduated from Osteopathy at Victoria University, along with having previously completed Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience, with honours in Pharmacology at Monash University.

While she found the theoretical aspects of her academic degree very interesting, she now enjoys the practical aspects of Osteopathy, having the opportunity to put what she has learned into practice to help people in the clinic.

Ema has worked as a sports trainer for several years (qualified as an SMA level 2 sports trainer), and previously volunteered for St John Ambulance as a First Aid Officer, making her quite familiar with acute injuries.

She has also done further courses in taping, dry needling, rehabilitation and pain science.

Outside of Osteopathy, Ema is passionate about most mountain activities, including mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding and loves to spend time with her border collies.

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